Accounting (BS)

Business and Information Systems
Accounting and Finance
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Course Descriptions
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The Accounting faculty aims to provide students with theoretical and practical tools in the areas of accounting, business and economics to prepare them for the Uniform Certified Public Accountancy Examination, careers in public, private or government accounting, or to allow them to continue with graduate studies or law school. Accounting courses study the concepts and methods needed to create financial records and statements for external and internal use of various entities: business firms, government bodies, non-profit organizations, etc. The B.S. degree in Accounting at York College includes all the educational requirements to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountancy Examination in New York State. Students who wish to sit for the examination in another state should consult the appropriate state board of accountancy.

Accounting BS


Major Discipline Requirements

Common Body of Knowledge32 
ACC101Principles of Accounting I 
ACC102Principles of Accounting II 
BUS283Business Law I 
BUS201Computer Applications in Business 
BUS301Management Theory and Practice 
BUS321Principles of Finance 
MKT341Introduction to Marketing 
BUS348Productions/Operations Management 
BUS430Ethics, Government & Accountability 
BUS481Strategic Management 
Required Courses28 
ACC201Intermediate Accounting I 
ACC202Intermediate Accounting II 
ACC203Intermediate Accounting III 
ACC301Advanced Financial Accounting 
ACC335Auditing I 
ACC345Cost Accounting I 
ACC350Income Taxation 
Plus 6 credits Accounting Electives 


  1. Physical Education 150 is temporarily waived from the General Education Requirements for Accounting Majors.
  2. The requirement that half of the credits in the major program must be taken at York is superseded by the requirement that 15 credits in the Accounting discipline must be taken at York.
  3. All Accounting majors must take Economics 102, 103, 220, and Mathematics 115 in partial fulfillment of General Education Requirements and Liberal Arts Requirements. Transfer students majoring in Accounting must present or complete these courses, even though they have an Associate degree where all General Education requirements have been waived.
  4. Students who present a course in Income Taxation may substitute Accounting 351 (Advanced Income Taxation) for Income Taxation (Accounting 350).
  5. All Accounting majors must complete a minimum of 60 Liberal Arts credits inclusive of the Core Requirements.